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Become a candidate of Alpha Sigma Phi

Fall Rush 2024


Founded in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi is a Social fraternity, based on the values of Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism. Since our founding at Georgia Tech, our chapter has maintained a tradition of excellence, winning the Grand Senior Presidents' Award two years in a row, the Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup for Significant Recognition three years in a row, the Alpha Kappa Pi Gold Cup for Exceptional Recognition, and achieving the top Greek GPA two years in a row. The brothers of Alpha Sig are held to the highest of standards and are accepted as leaders across campus.

To Better The Man
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Jack Peta
Vice President of Growth

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Professional Connections

“Alpha Sig has been vital to my career growth in many ways over my last three years as a brother. Of course, 80 brothers’ worth of LinkedIn connections is a great way to build your profile, but we do so much more than that. Since such a high percentage of our brotherhood engages in research, internships, or co-oping, and almost all of our alumni are employed by major companies, it’s very easy to get recommendations for a wide variety of positions. In addition, as Vice President of Alumni and Family Relations, it’s my job to coordinate a resume workshop prior to each of Georgia Tech’s semesterly career fairs. These workshops are attended by both brothers and alumni of the fraternity to ensure that everyone has the best chance of finding an internship. Thanks to all of these opportunities, I’ve been able to intern for Comcast, Splunk, and Amazon without even having graduated yet!”

Justin Wurst, Former VP of Alumni & Family Relations

Hear It From Our Brothers

“When I first came to college, I had no intention of joining a fraternity, but I’m so glad I joined Alpha Sig. For me, it’s been more than just a fraternity; it’s been a network of diverse people who have introduced me to new academic interests, sports, music, food, and more, all while helping me to cultivate the interests I already knew I had. We have fun events like retreats, sporting events, and other local trips (like TopGolf) but also recognize the importance of school and have study hours and brothers of all kinds of majors who can help with schoolwork. But one of the best parts in my opinion is the little things: the fact that brothers will help you out in any situation, give you invaluable and trustworthy advice about anything life throws your way, and support you in both the bad times and the good.”

Nathan Wong

Loudoun County, Virginia

PC Fall '20

“The main reason you should join Alpha Sig is diversity. We have brothers from all over the globe, from right here in Georgia to places like Texas and Washington DC and even places in other continents like Pakistan and Japan. Our brothers also have diverse interests. I guarantee you’ll be able to find a common interest with almost every single brother in our chapter. This is what makes us such a great brotherhood; all of us can always find something to bond over. Our brothers also study a wide array of different majors from computer science to biology to business. Alpha Sig is the most diverse brotherhood on campus in every sense of the word, and that is why you should join.”

JJ Miller

Princeton, New Jersey

PC Spring '20

Want to learn more about our social scene?

“I think one of the main things that sets Alpha Sig apart from other fraternities is how close we all are. Of course we party together like other frats which is always a good time. But we also study together, enjoy playing sports and games with each other, and are there for each other no matter what. We even go on retreats each semester dedicated towards making sure we learn more about each other. So Alpha Sig feels like a much closer community than other fraternities.”

Sohum Joshi

Minneapolis, Minnesota

PC Spring '23

“To join Alpha Sig is to enter into an extensive network of brothers who will support both your academic and social growth throughout your time at Tech. Alpha Sig will stay alongside you as group mentors, companions, as well as mentees beyond Tech as well. Along with personal growth, Alpha Sig is also a social hub for you and your friends to experience new adventures, providing an encouraging and exciting atmosphere. I truly believe the principles and experiences at Alpha Sig are critical to bettering any man.”

Kieran Kelleher

Alexandria, Virginia

PC Fall '22

“The biggest reason I joined Alpha Sig is its broad diversity and inclusiveness. When I rushed here, I was amazed at the brothers' broad interests and perspectives, which transformed the image of the fraternity I'd been holding. While each brother may hold different values, we all share the common desire to ‘better the man,’ which has pushed me to join an organization that I've never thought of before entering college.”

Liam Dolphin

Queens, New York

PC Fall '22

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