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Sig Bust

Updated: May 7, 2023

Thank you, Alumni association, parents and brothers for another fantastic year!

On Saturday, April 22, Alpha Sigma Phi - Zeta Eta hosted our annual "Sig-Bust" the the Ellis Hotel celebrating our alumni, parents, outstanding brothers, and the undergraduate chapter. An evening full of fun, brothers and parents mingled and were presented with the current state of our ever growing and successful chapter!

The event started off by introducing everyone to the new MU and NU classes to parents and alumni as well as recognizing them for their outstanding academic success boasting a median new-member GPA of 4.0! These new classes were a vital part of Alpha Sig maintaining its title of highest overall greek GPA of 3.62 two years in a row , further reinforcing our commitment to academic excellence.

Seeing the return of many alumni members including some of our founding fathers, the brothers then proceeded to honor those members of the undergraduate class who demonstrated excellence over the past year:

Shaun - The Phoenix Award

Will - Smartest Brother

Issac - Best Candidate

Kristof - Best Dressed

Max - Alpha Sig of the Year

Osama - "The one we'll miss the most"

Shark - Most Talented

Matt - Fraternity Clown

Patrick - Douglas P. Walker

Congratulations to all Award Winners!

Congrats Alpha Sigma Phi!

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